Leading Real Estate Service Provider in Orlando, FL

Founded in 1976, Mortgagee Title Services, Inc. has become a premier real estate service provider in Orlando, FL. As one of the oldest independent title agencies in the state, we have earned the respect and trust of REALTORS®, mortgage officers, and other real estate professionals from throughout the industry.

Experience what others in the industry know and have come to expect: Service beyond Compare! We stand by our motto, “Simply the Best,” and we’ll prove it to you on your next real estate transaction. We look forward to working with you, as well as earning your trust and establishing a long and mutually beneficial relationship.

Ensuring Successful Real Estate Transactions

For more than 40 years, our real estate service team has helped clients enjoy seamless real estate transactions. Our local connections in the area allow us to provide stellar services for REALTORS® and lenders, as well as commercial and residential buyers and sellers. Whether you’ve lived in Orlando for years or are new to the area, you can depend on Mortgagee Title Services, Inc. to make you feel at home and handle your real estate title details.

As a trusted local title company, we act as your representative in a real estate transaction. Our in-depth services involve documentation, title searches, and reviews. For example, we understand that buying a home can be overwhelming. Depend on us as your trustworthy guide instead of navigating everything on your own. Our skilled professionals handle everything, so all you have to do is sign the papers.

Title Services for Lenders

When you’re lending money in a real estate transaction, it’s important the process goes smoothly. With help from our title experts, you can lend with confidence. Our commitment and long-term vision are what make us stand out. You can rest assured we will address any issue you encounter promptly and professionally.






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Mortgagee Title Services, Inc.