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Lenders are often at the whim of a number of parties with different goals, concepts, and timeframes. But with the help of an established Orlando title services company, and particularly with Mortgagee Title Services Inc., lenders can have an advocate for their interests. This is a benefit that extends from when a loan request is made to the day of closing and beyond. By having our qualified and highly-experienced personnel on your side, your lending transactions will have a prestige that puts you on a high pedestal for real estate business in the Florida area.

The amount of documentation involved in any property transaction is well-known to any lender. The key to a successful transaction is to make sure that all requirements are met from all parties involved; that often begins with the lender, and information regarding buyers, accounts, and fees, are highly critical to a successful close. Time is scarce, and real estate transactions are complex negotiations that deserve the best possible chance at success: Mortgagee Title seeks this success above all. Our consistent hope is that our initial lender services become long-term relationships that lead to many thriving transactions over the years. We’ve been around since 1976, and we hope to be around in 2076. That level of commitment and long-term vision can be a factor that local lenders rely on. Trust, thoroughness, and open lines of communication are a hallmark of our work.

Loan approval may be the ultimate goal, but a smooth transaction along the way can be priceless. It’s critical that your title policies are thorough and vetted at the time closing. Of course, while we can’t always guarantee every loan to be the lender’s dream, we can guarantee that whatever complications our lending partners encounter along the way, we will available and relentless in our assistance and guidance. It’s key that your instructions as a lender are communicated clearly and consistently to all parties involved; Mortgagee Title can be your liaison in this minute discussions.

Although we will be your advocate, our big picture goal, and that of any lender, is a successful and productive transaction at closing. The status of the transaction is communicated to you, the lender, consistently and clearly, keeping you up-to-date on the smallest detail as well as the overall real estate situation. Work with the best, most talented, and experienced Orlando title services team in the business for your next lending opportunity, and we think you’ll agree that there is no other choice than Mortgagee Title in the heart of Orlando, Florida. Call us at 407-843-4000 today for your closing needs.


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