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As a seller or buyer of a new property, the journey ahead is complicated, long, but, ultimately and when done correctly, one of the most rewarding experiences of your life. Your new home, new investment, or next transaction, is but a few pieces of paperwork away. However, ensuring that everything is aligned correctly, and every angle is covered, will be crucial to a successful transaction. Mortgagee Title Services, Inc. uses its experience, knowledge, and tireless work ethic on your behalf to coordinate with lenders, Realtors®, agents, and attorneys to make certain that all parties are on the same page and no questions go unanswered.

Our direct services include record deeds, mortgage doc stamps, loan fees, property surveys, lender title authentications, lender endorsements and settlements, just to scratch the very broad surface. We want to be there at your side from the moment you have a piece of real estate in mind to the last minutes of a closing. And we strive to win your trust on future transactions and investments. You have a choice in title companies, but with our reasonable prices and astounding track record in all areas of Florida, we hope to be at the very top of your list when deciding on a firm.

As an Orlando title services company, we are your representative in a real estate transaction, the unwavering consumer advocates in a long journey that involves documentation and reviews of all types and manners. Purchasing a home can be a stressful undertaking, one that is made much less stressful when you are navigating it with an experienced and unyielding guide. Proper documentation is one key, as is an outstanding view of the overall marketplace: an asset in itself.

Determining whether a property’s title has validity can seem like an innocuous step, but it is critical. Title searches are one of the main high-value services we offer. By having an in-depth understanding of the nature and legal standing of a piece of real estate, you are, in essence, buying yourself immediate peace of mind. Our summaries and surveys are intended to guarantee a smooth closing when the time comes, and our decades of experience backup this ability. Reputation and communication are vital for an Orlando title service organization, and one doesn’t last over 40 years without a sterling standing on both.

So, whether you are new to the area or an established buyer or seller, we assure you that our services are above reproach. A consumer’s best ally and trusted advisor: Mortgagee Title stands for value and thoroughness. Real estate purchases are a process, but a process you can feel comfortable in with the right partners on your side. Call us at 407-843-4000 to schedule an appointment.


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