History of Mortgagee Title


Mortgagee Title Services, Inc. was opened in 1989. In that year, Orlando International Airport had only just opened, the theme parks were but a growing curiosity in the southern swamps, and orange groves still stood as the true state industry. Mortgagee Title looked to stand out in a small town market by providing stellar service with a trust that is essential to all real estate transactions.

Over the years, we’ve evolved and expanded. We handle Orlando title services in all 67 of Florida’s counties, and with the passing of years, we’ve gained a significant reputation as an elite and tight-knit crew that can handle all of your real estate needs. Our connections with lenders, buyers, sellers, and Realtors® provide us with a base of information rarely paralleled. Let us put that knowledge to work for you. A lot has changed in our 27-years in the Central Florida market, as a sleepy swamp was transformed into a booming metropolis, but Mortgagee Title maintains its commitment to excellence and customer service. Call us 407-843-4000 to find out how we can help you with your closing needs.


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Mortgagee Title Services, Inc.