7 Important Things to Remember to Make Your Closing Smooth

Closing on a house can be a stressful situation in the best of circumstances, but there’s no reason to add that to your list of worries. Whether you are a buyer or a seller, one of the best pieces of advice for anyone close to closing on a piece of property is clarity. Know the expectations of all parties involved, know your documentation, and know your goals. With an organized process and a plan in place, closing day can become smooth and easy. Having a fantastic Orlando closing agent to assist you along the way never hurts, either.

But things almost always come up: late inspection notices, improper paperwork, etc. Adaptability is key, and crisis management, often, is a must. There are also some extremely simple, but often overlooked, things you can do that will go a long way towards getting into that home of the future. Closing day is usually the single most critical time for a real estate transaction, so here are seven things to keep in mind when that big day comes along:

  1. Be prepared: This is one of the biggest tips to any important step in life, but especially critical with a house closing. Being prepared allows you to respond to problems with confidence and to feel confident in the complex task before you. Review loan statements in advance, have a timeline for action, such as repairs, payment, etc., drawn up beforehand and know the property.
  2. Ask questions: This can be true both day of and leading up to an actual closing date. Hand in hand with being prepared, asking questions is an obvious, but legitimate way, to weed out any small bits of information that may be overlooked in the closing process. Does a check need to be certified? Was every requisite inspection met? Knowledge empowers the proper close.
  3. Expect everything and anything: Even with planning, typos happen and mistakes are made. Remember to always remain calm: anxiety prevents clear decision making, and almost every issue has a solution.
  4. Know your costs: It seems obvious, but it gets mixed up more commonly than one would think: in-depth knowledge of pricing is always critical.
  5. Take your time: Take some time off of work, and don’t try to rush it. Things may very well go smoothly, but don’t count on that. Be prepared to spend a full day finishing the process.
  6. Be in contact with your realtor’s lender: Realtor’s lenders may be looking for minor information you aren’t aware of, and this can jeopardize a transaction closing very late in the process. One simple way to avoid this outcome is to be sure to be in constant contact with your lender and Orlando area closing agent.
  7. Relax: You’re doing great! Your future home is almost completely yours!

Of course, this is hardly everything you’ll need to know. But with proper expectations, a calm state of mind, and a solid game plan, you’ll find closing to be a process not feared, but conquered. Contact Mortgagee Title Services, Inc. today for more information at 407-843-4000.

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