How to Market Your For-Sale-by-Owner Property

It’s not magic, even though, at times, selling a property may seem like it. You can indeed market and sell your for-sale-by-owner (FSBO) property with the self-assurance of a seasoned professional. It happens every day from coast to coast in this state, and a successful self-owned property sale can be in your future. And when you do sell, having an established Orlando title insurance company on your side is critical.

There are some things to keep in mind, however, and one of the biggest is in regards to marketing. Simply put: if people don’t know your property is for sale, they won’t ever have a chance to buy it. Keeping your location above the fray and standing out from the clutter of local Orlando property listings is equally critical. One thing to check into is how other nearby successful sales have marketed their property, and also, to accommodate the type of property to the marketing venue. A 14-room mansion will have different expectations in marketing presentation than a vacant tire-strewn lot.

Multiple listings are always a great idea. After all, you can’t get the word out enough. List across multiple websites and listing services, from old-fashioned newsprint to social media and online real estate listing services: the key is saturation with property sales. Providing as much information on your property as possible is always welcomed by any prospective buyer, and not only that, but it immediately enhances your credibility. Use videos, pictures, detailed geometric property size breakdowns, any and everything that can get your assets more real-time visibility.

Finally, don’t be afraid to fall back on old tried and true methods; they’ve worked for decades for a reason. Even in the age of services like Zillow, one of the absolute top ways that people find out that a local home has come for sale is still by a straightforward yard sign. Use prominent colors, clear information, and bold contact information. Remember that people flying by in cars only have so much attention to be spent on passing signs, so, a sign’s size and location, much like the property itself, is paramount.

These are but a few of the many ideas that can help when you are trying to market your FSBO property. It can be a grueling process, but, ultimately, rewarding both financially and personally. Make your property stand out and a sale will follow.

If you are selling your own property, Mortgagee Title Services, Inc. is here to help guide you through the closing process. Please call us at 407-843-4000 to speak to one of our representatives and set up a consultation.

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