Realtors®: Do You Know How to Master Closings?

The role of Realtors® in closings is complex and critical. To become a master of closings, one must first understand the missions and goals that come along with such a lofty title. So much of what goes into being a professional Realtor takes place in the margins of a transaction. Often, it’s hard for those looking in from the outside to truly appreciate the work and shrewdness that is applied to every transaction. Even the term Realtor is mysterious to many: the copyrighted R is in place because to be a true Realtor one must be a member of the National Association of Realtors, licensed by the state in which they are practicing, and taken to a sworn oath to uphold the values of the profession.

So, how do those values apply to a closing? For starters, most of a Realtor’s work is done before an actual closing. Prospecting potential properties, marketing listings online and being connected to the local market and all the players involved; the work is encompassing and with great depth. And that depth of knowledge comes in handy over time, as a connection begets a connection, and the circle of sales continues.

However, when we actually boil down the closing itself, there are some key things a remarkable Realtor must do in order to help facilitate the deal taking place. Being available, constantly and without fail, seems like a no-brainer, but many property buyers tell stories of the mysteriously vanishing real estate agent. Maybe more critically, a Realtor that closes the deal is a calm and consistent presence, one who is ready to tackle any issue, re-write any language, and consultant any expert. There will always be complications, but when things get difficult, a true professional shows him or herself as a benefit to the overall health of getting the transaction done properly. Be prepared for everything and have answers instead of apprehension.

Realtors are the Sherpa’s of the real estate world: armed with knowledge, experience, careful, and always closing on the peak of the mountain. For more information on a referral source for Realtor services, please call Cat Brower, Director of Business Development at 407-325-4434 or email:

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